DNS Health Report

For a reliable Swiss internet

The DNS Health Report checks the reachability of name servers and .ch and .li domain names. In the event of technical problems, SWITCH informs the operator and makes recommendations for resolving them. As such, the DNS Health Report improves the reliability of the internet in Switzerland.

All .ch and .li domain names which are signed with DNSSEC are tested. The test checks whether a DNSSEC signed domain name can be resolved over a validating recursive resolver.

All name servers which host .ch and .li domain names are tested. The functioning of the servers is checked for compliance with DNS standards.

The DNS Health Report is sent to the operators of name servers or domain names. Reports are sent by e-mail. The e-mail message contains a link to a web page where the detailed report can be found.

The report on the web page contains details about the tests, the discovered problems and also information about remediation. Only problems that occurred over several days are listed.

The tests are performed daily. The report on the web page is always based on the latest tests. However, the operators are notified monthly (domain names) and quarterly (name servers) only.

Individual DNS Health Reports are aggregated for an operator and are non-public. However, SWITCH publishes the raw data of the tests on SWITCH's Open Data web page.