DNS Resilience Programme

The internet was originally designed with no particular focus on security. Only later were standards developed to ensure its integrity and confidentiality. DNSSEC is a proven security standard for a safer internet. It prevents an internet connection from being redirected to the wrong website or another internet service via fraudulent DNS responses.

SWITCH has been supporting DNSSEC with .ch and .li domain names since 2010. However, as DNSSEC was still only in use for 6% of all .ch domain names at the start of 2021, OFCOM commissioned SWITCH to implement a DNS resilience programme.

The aim of the DNS resilience programme is for SWITCH's accredited registrars to protect 60% of all .ch domain names with DNSSEC by the end of 2026 and to introduce additional proven security standards that have been recommended by leading security experts around the world. Registrars and hosting providers play a key role in Switzerland's digitalisation. That's why implementing security standards starts with them.

The DNS resilience programme protects .ch and .li domain names against cyber risks, which makes the internet safer and more resilient in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. These graphics provide information on how the number of DNSSEC-signed .ch domain names has developed.