Dispute Resolution Service

Statistics about the dispute resolution procedure for .ch and .li

The Dispute Resolution Service procedure for .ch and .li domain names consists of two steps: a conciliation attempt via telephone and an expert's decision. Only a small proportion of cases are resolved by the conciliation attempt. More than half are decided by an expert. In the remaining cases, the procedure is discontinued without an expert's decision for a variety of reasons. For example, if an agreement has been reached outside of the procedure before the conciliation attempt, or if a case isn't intended to be submitted to an expert following the conciliation attempt. Multiple domain names may be involved in a single procedure.


Results of the expert's decisions

In the second step of the procedure, an expert decides whether the domain names in question must be transferred or whether they can remain with the current holder. Multiple domain names may be involved in a single procedure, with varying results. The graphic shows the number of .ch and .li domain names affected each year.


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