How to Become Accredited Registrar


  • Own customer service staff - you are responsible for responding to all customer queries.
  • Ability to implement the EPP technical interface and submit all forms of request using it. This ability will be tested in a trial run in which all EPP functions must be executed as specified.

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Agreement Registrar Agreement
Appendix 1 Interface Agreement
Appendix 2 Contact Data
Appendix 3 Authorisations and Procedures
EPP Manual EPP User Manual

Questions concerning the Registrar Agreement

Here are answers to questions which have been received by the Registry concerning the Registrar Agreement.

Section 5.3 - Use of the electronic interface

What is meant by the following provision?

"The Registrar shall guarantee that its servers will function for the receipt of messages from the Registry and that it will actively obtain and process messages using the Registry's registration system. The Registrar is solely and fully liable to its customers for any damages resulting from the failure of its servers or from the failure or delay in obtaining or processing messages from the Registry and shall, according to Section 5.17, fully indemnify and hold harmless the Registry against any claims made against the Registry by holders of domain names in connection therewith."

This provision relates to the sending and receiving of EPP orders by the Registrar. The use of the EPP interface is governed by Appendix 1 to the Registrar Agreement. With regard to the liability and indemnification of the Registry, the liability and indemnification - as explained in the provision - only relates to failures of the Registrar's systems and servers. The Registrar shall not be liable for failures of the Registry's systems and servers.

Section 5.10 paragraph 2 - Data maintenance

Must I as Registrar check the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce (SOGC) every week?

Data of the holder of a .ch domain name should be as correct and complete as possible, as is reflected for example in Art. 17 (2) lit. d of the Ordinance of 5 November 2014 on Internet Domains (OID, SR 784.104.2) - "Process for reviewing identification information" - in conjunction with Art. 46 OID - "publicly accessible data, WHOIS database".

Since after the end customer business with .ch domain names has been transferred the Registrar is the sole contractual partner of the Registry (no contractual relationship between the Registry and the holder of the domain name), it is necessary to impose the data maintenance obligation on the Registrar. The Registrar is in turn free to impose this obligation on its customers. Checking the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce (SOGC) is meant to be an example of how the Registrar can comply with this data maintenance obligation. It is of course free to also do this in another appropriate manner.

Section 5.13 - Cooperation on technical and legal problems

What if my national law prohibits me from reporting certain information to the Registry?

Despite the aforementioned obligation, mandatory national statutory law, of course, still applies to the Registrar. However, Art. 16 and Art. 23 OID also stipulates statutory cooperation duties which affect all registrars for .ch domain names. If there is a conflict we recommend that the Registrar clarifies the appropriate procedure with a legal expert.

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