Dispute Resolution Proceedings

Simple proceedings

The dispute resolution proceedings are divided into two parts:

  • the conciliation attempt
  • the expert's decision.

A telephone call lasting a maximum of one hour is held between the third party, the holder and a conciliator in a bid to find a solution to the dispute between the parties. If no solution is found, then the third party may request an expert's decision, insofar as he/she has applied for this beforehand. SWITCH will implement the expert's decision after a deadline of 20 working days has expired insofar as the holder has not instituted civil proceedings against the third party.

In substantive terms, claims may be asserted against clear violations of Swiss or Liechtenstein legislation on trademarks and unfair competition.

Rapid proceedings

The first stage of the proceedings lasts a maximum of 60 days from the time at which the fees are paid until potential resolution. The second stage lasts a maximum of 20 days. See the procedural overview.

Inexpensive proceedings

  • The conciliation attempt costs CHF 600.
  • The expert's decision costs CHF 2000.

Further details may be found in WIPO's schedule of fees.