DNS Statistics

Statistics concerning DNS queries on the authoritative name servers for the TLD .ch

SWITCH, in its role as Registry, operates the authoritative name servers for the zone (TLD) .ch. To perform name resolution, these name servers provide information about which name servers are responsible for a specific .ch domain name.
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These statistics reflect DNS queries for the TLD .ch on two of our name servers: the authoritative name servers a.nic.ch and b.nic.ch. In other words, each represents only a part of total DNS traffic.

DNS queries: number per second

This chart shows the average number of DNS queries per second for a.nic.ch and b.nic.ch respectively. Clearly, there is less traffic on the weekends than during the week. In addition, a.nic.ch receives about 50% more queries than b.nic.ch. Read our blog article to find out more