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Legal basis and Dispute Resolution Service for .ch domain names

Mandate from the Federal Office of Communications

SWITCH was the very first registrar for .ch domain names. It successively handed this function over to the accredited registrars when the Ordinance on Internet Domains (OID) came into force. SWITCH continues to manage the database of domain names - the registry - under a mandate from the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM). The Swiss Federal Council regards the registry as a critical infrastructure because Internet communication would be interrupted if it were to fail, and this would practically bring large parts of public life in Switzerland to a standstill. SWITCH is an independent foundation with a great deal of technical expertise in this vital role. It has made .ch one of the most secure Top Level Domains in the world.

General Terms and Conditions (GTC) for the registration and administration of domain names under the domain ".ch" and ".li"

General Terms and Conditions (PDF)

Acceptable Use Policy

Our Acceptable Use Policy governs the conditions for the use of the Whois service to query or process personal data.

Revocation and blocking of .ch domain names - Guidelines for authorities

In cases of criminal or administrative proceedings, authorities may approach SWITCH with requests to revoke or block domain names. In collaboration with OFCOM, SWITCH has developed guidelines for how an authority should proceed in such cases and what scope for action is available to SWITCH when responding to instructions from authorities.

Interested authorities can request the guidelines by email from The guidelines are currently available in German; versions in French and Italian will follow.

When a new domain name is registered, no check is made as to whether it violates any third-party rights. You are responsible for ensuring that your chosen domain name does not violate any rights pertaining to names, trademarks or other distinguishing symbols. Certain terms are legally protected. In particular, the name of a political commune in Switzerland may only be registered by that commune.

The following links will aid your research: Central Business Names Index of Switzerland Search for Swiss trademarks and applications in the online database of the Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IGE). This is not a substitute for professional searches because it is not possible to search for similar trademarks and international trademarks with protection in Switzerland.
Professional trademark searches (including searches for similar trademarks and international trademarks with protection in Switzerland) are available privately or through the IGE.

The Dispute Resolution Service for .ch domain names was set up to resolve disputes over the rights to domain names.

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