When registering a domain name with the ending .ch, you can choose between the products SWITCHbasic and SWITCHguard.

SWITCHbasic Icon SWITCHbasic - our standard domain name

Our standard domain name is called SWITCHbasic. All the administrative tasks for this type of domain name can be performed online via your account. Details

SWITCHguard Icon SWITCHguard - increased security for your domain name

The SWITCHguard domain name offers you additional security through the allocation of trusted third parties. Details

A Comparison of SWITCHbasic and SWITCHguard

SWITCHbasic Icon SWITCHbasic SWITCHguard Icon SWITCHguard
Comprehensive online administration Comprehensive online administration
History History
Easy handling More complex handling
  Increased security through the allocation of up to five trusted third parties
  Additional check on updates through a countercheck by at least one other person
  Additional security through the specification of an IP address range for the trusted third parties (optional)