Information page for .li domain names

With effect as of 14 February 2013, SWITCH has discontinued its direct customer business for .li domain names. The registration of new domain names ending in .li and the administration of existing domain names ending in .li is now only possible via the 60 or so Partners recognised by SWITCH. All the SWITCH customers affected have been informed in advance of the necessary steps associated with this (see sample customer letter).


Customer Letter PDF
Sample customer letter 
  • Would you like to register a new .li domain name?
    Please select one of the recognised Partners from the SWITCH Partner list.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the subject of .li domain names

I have not received an information letter.

All holders of one or more .li domain names received notification from us by letter and e-mail. If you have not received the letter, it could be that the contact details you have entered in your account are not correct or are out-of-date. We would ask you to update your contact data in your account. In our GTCs, we specify that you yourself are responsible for looking after and updating your personal details.
To access your existing .li domain names, please contact the customer service run by your chosen Partner, or if you have not chosen a Partner, the customer service of switchplus.

I have forgotten to transfer my .li domain name to a Partner.

If you did not transfer your .li domain name to a recognised Partner of SWITCH by 13.2.2013, your domain name has been transferred free of charge to our subsidary switchplus - a recognised SWITCH Partner. You will have received more information on logging into and administering your .li domain name at in an-e-mail from switchplus. If you have any questions, please contact switchplus' customer service.

Why is SWITCH discontinuing its .li direct customer business?

Anyone registering an .li domain name today is free to choose: some 60 Internet Service Providers, all of whom are recognised Partners of SWITCH, currently offer the registration and administration of domain names ending in .li for direct customers. Competition between these Partners is healthy and has already been running for a long time without any involvement of SWITCH. There is thus no need for SWITCH's commitment on this market any more.

Which function will SWITCH have in future in conjunction with the Top Level Domain .li?

Right from the start of the Internet, SWITCH has been commissioned by the Office of Telecommunications of the Principality of Liechtenstein to ensure the global accessibility of the country's Top Level Domain. SWITCH is continuing to function as the official registry for .li but no longer as a contact for direct customers. This will allow SWITCH to concentrate on its core competence as the official .li registry for recognised Partners and ensure the technical integrity of .li domain names worldwide.

Contact for questions concerning .li domain names

You will find the right contact for your questions concerning .li domain names on our contact page.